Lou's Little  Software Stuff

I have developed computer software since 1964. For many years I was writing software using the scientific language of choice, FORTRAN. I have also programmed using BASIC, FORTH and ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE. Later in my career, I got involved in developing software using C and some C++ on SGI Visualization workstations. I have since also used JAVA , UNIX SHELL SCRIPT, and some HTML. My main area of focus was simulation software, Scientific Data Visualization and Virtual Reality. I have since retired and am developing some software for my own use. I am currently using REAL BASIC as my development environment on my Quad G5 with 30" flat panel display. Since REAL BASIC is a multi-platform development envitonment, I can also build executables for the PC. I have several Mac's, and one PC. I have been using Mac's since about 1985.

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